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Empty cities have long been a post-apocalyptic trope – now, they are a reality

Matt Gush/Shutterstock.com Paul Dobraszczyk, UCL Carry out a Google image search of the phrase “28 Days Later” and among the many stills and publicity images for the 2002 horror film, one will find a scattering of photographs of London taken during the first COVID-19 lockdown in late March and early April 2020. At that time, some Londoners described the emptiness …

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Four tips for learning language through film and TV

The Cast of Dix pour cent. Christophe Brachet/Netflix Neophytos Mitsigkas, University of Essex Films and TV shows can be great tools to help you become a more competent speaker of another language. By captivating your attention and arousing your curiosity, these formats can instil a positive attitude towards learning. They can also help you be a more active participant and …

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