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The science that is helping researchers find the ‘disappeared’ in Latin America

Jamie Pringle, Keele University; Alejandra Baena, Universidad Antonio Nariño; Carlos Martín Molina, Universidad Antonio Nariño; Kristopher Wisniewski, Keele University, and Vivienne Heaton, Keele University In most Latin American countries where there has been a high level of civil conflict over the past few decades, there are still huge numbers of missing people due to forced disappearances. In Colombia alone this …

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Exhibit A and other true crime shows can fuel misconceptions about forensic science

Microgen/Shutterstock Graham Williams, Staffordshire University Forensic science is under attack. A string of recent collapsed trials and quashed convictions that relied on forensic evidence have led some experts to say the field is in crisis. Several US and UK government reports over the last few years have highlighted and condemned failings in the use of forensic science. And there is …

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Spotting liars is hard – but our new method is effective and ethical

Guilty? The length of your answer may give it away. Motortion Films/Shutterstock Cody Porter, University of Portsmouth Most people lie occasionally. The lies are often trivial and essentially inconsequential – such as pretending to like a tasteless gift. But in other contexts, deception is more serious and can have harmful effects on criminal justice. From a societal perspective, such lying …

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