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Why tackling deforestation is so important for slowing climate change

Dudarev Mikhail/Shutterstock Tom Pugh, Lund University Humanity injects an almost incomprehensible 42 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO₂) into the atmosphere every year. The majority of this comes from burning fossil fuels, but a substantial portion, about 16%, arises from how we use the land. Most of these land-use emissions are caused by deforestation, particularly in the tropics. In order …

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African tropical mountain forests store far more carbon than previously thought – new research

Mountain forests are significant carbon stores. Heibe/Pixabay Aida Cuní Sanchez, University of York; Martin Sullivan, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Phil Platts, University of York Tropical forests are well known for being the “lungs” of our planet. Through photosynthesis, the trees in these forests produce oxygen and remove enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate global warming. …

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Forests go into growth ‘overdrive’ to recover from drought – new study

Tom Ovenden, Author provided Tom Ovenden, University of Stirling and Alistair Jump, University of Stirling One in 12 people could face severe drought every year by 2100, according to a recent study. And water stored on two-thirds of the Earth’s land surface will shrink as the climate warms. As plant ecologists, we’re concerned with what that means for forests – …

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