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Why India’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is faltering – podcast

Daniel Merino, The Conversation and Gemma Ware, The Conversation In this episode of The Conversation Weekly podcast, as India’s COVID-19 crisis continues, we look at what’s holding back the country’s vaccination rollout and how a shift in strategy on distribution and pricing is causing concern. And we speak to a researcher who went hunting for fungi in the world’s largest …

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How the trees in your local park help protect you from disease

Dmitry Naumov/Shutterstock Jake M Robinson, University of Sheffield; Martin Breed, Flinders University et Ross Cameron, University of Sheffield On your next visit to the park, try and count all the different species you can see. Away from the closely mown grass, you might spot wildflowers attended by pollinating insects, like bees, wasps and hoverflies. Overhead there are the gnarled branches …

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Natural supplements can be dangerously contaminated, or not even have the specified ingredients

Some supplement products contain substances that are harmful. Getty Images / David Malan C. Michael White, University of Connecticut More than two-thirds of Americans take dietary supplements. The vast majority of consumers – 84% – are confident the products are safe and effective. They should not be so trusting. I’m a professor of pharmacy practice at the University of Connecticut. …

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