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Three women: stories of Indian trafficked brides


Cornfield/Shutterstock.com Sreya Banerjea, SOAS, University of London “I tried to escape in the middle of the night,” Mahira* recalled. “With a small packed bag, I tiptoed towards the door thinking that he was asleep. Suddenly, he grabbed me from behind and attacked with a cutlass.” I sat, stunned, as she lifted her saree and revealed a wide scar below her …

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What can be done to better support women pursuing their PhDs in Africa

Women in a lab. anyaivanova/Shutterstock

Women in a lab. anyaivanova/Shutterstock Anne M. Khisa, PhD, African Population and Health Research Center A Doctor of Philosophy – commonly known as a PhD – is the highest level of academic training. It allows the degree holder to teach the chosen subject at university, conduct research or practise in the specialised area. However, in many African countries like Kenya …

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