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A giant space rock demolished an ancient Middle Eastern city and everyone in it – possibly inspiring the Biblical story of Sodom

 Artist’s evidence-based depiction of the blast, which had the power of 1,000 Hiroshimas. Allen West and Jennifer Rice, CC BY-ND Christopher R. Moore, University of South Carolina As the inhabitants of an ancient Middle Eastern city now called Tall el-Hammam went about their daily business one day about 3,600 years ago, they had no idea an unseen icy space …

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The surface of Venus is cracked and moves like ice floating on the ocean – likely due to tectonic activity

New research suggests that Venus’ crust is broken into large blocks – the dark reddish–purple areas – that are surrounded by belts of tectonic structures shown in lighter yellow–red. Paul K. Byrne/NASA/USGS, CC BY-ND Paul K. Byrne, North Carolina State University The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea Much of the brittle, upper …

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The Atlantic: The driving force behind ocean circulation and our taste for cod

Fishing boats coming into Le Guilvinec, Brittany, France, at the end of the day. Photoneye/Shutterstock Suzanne OConnell, Wesleyan University and Pascal Le Floc’h, Université de Bretagne occidentale “Did the Atlantic close and then reopen?” That was the question posed in a 1966 paper by the Canadian geophysicist J. Tuzo Wilson. The answer? Yes, over millions of years. And it was …

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