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Sorry Boris Johnson, the UK will not become the Qatar of hydrogen

H as in hot air. Shaun Hempel Brian Scott-Quinn, University of Reading “Britain will become the Qatar of hydrogen,” Boris Johnson declared as the government laid out its 368-page strategy for reaching net zero emissions by 2050. It sounds magnificent, but what does it mean in practice? To meet its net zero targets, the UK needs to convert from an …

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COP26: here’s how much progress the UK has made on three key net zero pledges

Ashley Fly, Loughborough University; Grant Wilson, University of Birmingham, and Ljubomir Jankovic, University of Hertfordshire The UK is hosting the 26th annual UN climate summit in Glasgow. Boris Johnson’s government boasts of having the most ambitious climate change targets in the world. But how is the country’s progress to net zero emissions by 2050 going? We asked three experts to …

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