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What coronavirus survey told us about getting people to take a vaccine

The search goes on. Shutterstock/Orpheus FX

The search goes on. Shutterstock/Orpheus FX Lynn Williams, University of Strathclyde Vaccination will be hugely important in controlling future waves of COVID-19. But for it to work, we will need high levels of public acceptance of a vaccine, if and when it eventually becomes available. In recent years, vaccination rates have fallen across the world, and public confidence in vaccines …

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¿Conviene hacerse el sueco con el coronavirus?

Shutterstock / OPOLJA

Shutterstock / OPOLJA Salvador Peiró, Fisabio La respuesta sueca a la COVID-19 ha sido mucho menos intensa que en cualquier otro país europeo, incluyendo sus vecinos nórdicos. Suecia no sólo eludió los confinamientos generalizados sino que mantuvo abierta la escuela primaria, continúa desaconsejando el uso de mascarillas (salvo situaciones específicas) y hasta hace poco mantenía sin aislar a los contactos …

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Current rates of vaccine hesitancy in the US could mean a long road to normalcy

Current rates of vaccine hesitancy could jeopardize America’s efforts to achieve herd immunity. Nordroden / Getty Images

Matt Motta is a political scientist at Oklahoma State University. He studies the social and political determinants of anti-science attitudes, and investigating their policy impact. In this Q&A he answers questions about the current levels of vaccine hesitancy in the US and how that might affect the country’s ability to achieve herd immunity after a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

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Herd immunity: why the figure is always a bit vague

Herd immunity

hobbit/Shutterstock Adam Kleczkowski, University of Strathclyde Nearly 100 years ago, two British researchers, William Topley and Graham Wilson, were experimenting with bacterial infections in mice. They noticed that individual survival depended on how many of the mice were vaccinated. So the role of the immunity of an individual needed to be distinguished from the immunity of the entire herd. Fast …

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