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Sorry Boris Johnson, the UK will not become the Qatar of hydrogen

H as in hot air. Shaun Hempel Brian Scott-Quinn, University of Reading “Britain will become the Qatar of hydrogen,” Boris Johnson declared as the government laid out its 368-page strategy for reaching net zero emissions by 2050. It sounds magnificent, but what does it mean in practice? To meet its net zero targets, the UK needs to convert from an …

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Blue hydrogen – what is it, and should it replace natural gas?

Alexander Limbach/Shutterstock Tom Baxter, University of Aberdeen Blue hydrogen is often touted as a low-carbon fuel for generating electricity and storing energy, powering cars, trucks and trains and heating buildings. But according to a new report by Cornell and Stanford University researchers in the US, it may be no better for the climate – and potentially a fair bit worse …

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Shipping is tough on the climate and hard to clean up – these innovations can help cut emissions

Shipping is responsible for a large portion of global emissions. William William/Unsplash, CC BY Jing Sun, University of Michigan Ships carry more than 80% of world trade, and they rely heavily on some of the least environmentally friendly transportation fuels available. There are no cheap, widely available solutions that can lower the shipping industry’s planet-warming carbon emissions – in fact, …

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