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Rethinking how we look at Africa’s relationship with China

The framing of Africa’s relationship with China needs a rethink. Shutterstock Christopher J. Lee, Lafayette College The topic of China-Africa relations presents an opportunity to rethink the territorial parameters of African studies. In particular, it can help shift attention away from the Atlantic world as the dominant focal point of connections between Africa and the wider world. The problem is …

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Lost your motivation to work out? Here’s why – and how to get back on track

Motivation can steadily fade over time. New Africa/ Shutterstock Ian Taylor, Loughborough University In the early phases of lockdown, the streets were teeming with runners and living rooms were a blur of uncoordinated star jumps and lunges. In fact, physical activity levels in the UK peaked around mid-to-late May, just before lockdown restrictions began to be eased. Now, after months …

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