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What is going on in Pakistan? And why has the US been dragged into it?

Still Pakistan’s poster boy? Farooq Naeem/AFP via Getty Images Ayesha Jalal, Tufts University Pakistan, a nuclear nation that is home to some 220 million people, is in a political mess. On April 3, 2022, Prime Minister – and former national sporting hero – Imran Khan dissolved Parliament to get ahead of a no-confidence vote. That vote would have seen parliamentarians …

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Pakistan: extra time for Imran Khan as parliament rejects no-confidence vote

Parveen Akhtar, Aston University Pakistan’s parliament has been dissolved by its president Arif Alv, after a vote of no confidence in prime minister Imran Khan did not go ahead. Elections are likely to follow and the question of who will lead Pakistan into its 76th year remains uncertain. High drama continues after a week of political theatrics which saw the …

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Pakistan again faces questions over ‘honour’ killings as brother acquitted of social media star’s murder

Sadiq Bhanbhro, Sheffield Hallam University The prevalence of so-called “honour” killings in Pakistan has increasingly been the subject of national debate. The perpetrators are husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, cousins, and in some cases, strangers hired by the victims’ families. And the reasons they give for their crimes include the women or girls having sexual relationships (actual or alleged), having …

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