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Anticapitalism wasn’t banned in English classrooms during the cold war – why is it now?

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com Jennifer Luff, Durham University Materials produced by groups with “extreme political stances” have been barred from English classrooms by the UK government under new guidance for the relationships, sex, and health curriculum. Most of these extreme principles – racism, antisemitism and authoritarianism – are uncontroversial. But the list also includes opposition to capitalism: the “desire to overthrow …

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New EU migration pact driven by political compromise, not humanitarianism

Asylum seekers carry their belongings, Lesbos, Greece, September 11 2020. Orestis Panagiotou/EPA-EFE

Romit Bhandari, Coventry University The EU has revealed its long-awaited pact on migration and asylum. Brought forward by a week, the timing seems an attempt to pacify the outrage over the devastating fire at the Greek refugee camp Moria that started on September 8. Images of the fires showed an unprecedented – but predictable – human catastrophe. Some 13,000 people …

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Prehistoric desert footprints are earliest evidence for Homo sapiens on Arabian Peninsula

© Paul Breeze, Author provided

© Paul Breeze, Author provided Richard Clark-Wilson, Royal Holloway Humanity originated on the African continent at least 300,000 years ago. We know from fossil evidence in southern Greece and the Levant (modern-day Israel) that some early members of our species expanded beyond Africa around 200,000 years ago, and again between 120,000 to 90,000 years ago. They likely travelled through the …

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Former Byzantine churches are being converted to mosques – this threatens Istanbul’s cosmopolitan identity

Hagia Sofia. Baucys/Shutterstock.com

Hagia Sofia. Baucys/Shutterstock.com Ilay Romain Ors, University of Oxford and Tugba Tanyeri Erdemir, University of Pittsburgh Two former Byzantine churches of Istanbul, the famed Hagia Sophia and the Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora, which served as museums for decades, have been converted to mosques in the space of a month. This has raised concerns. Istanbul’s Greek Orthodox community …

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Why wasps become so annoying at the end of summer

Sascha Burkard/Shutterstock.com

Sascha Burkard/Shutterstock.com Seirian Sumner, UCL The sausages are sizzling, the burgers browned, and the beer is cold. You’re all set for the perfect end-of-summer BBQ. Alfresco dining, drinks in a garden of a country pub, ice-creams – we grasp at the last shreds of summer, precious times with loved ones before an uncertain winter of local lockdowns and Zoom. And …

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