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How to protect children online without using tough rules and reprimands

gpointstudio/Shutterstock Tom Harrison, University of Birmingham Established the same year Facebook was founded (2004), Safer Internet Day has become a fixture in schools, teaching children how to safely navigate an increasingly complex online world. With much of the world in some form of lockdown, this year’s Safer Internet Day will be different. Parents must take it upon themselves to guide …

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AI could constantly scan the internet for data privacy violations, a quicker, easier way to enforce compliance

You leave bits of your personal data behind online, and companies are happy to trade in them. metamorworks/ iStock/Getty Images Plus Karuna Pande Joshi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County You’re trailing bits of personal data – such as credit card numbers, shopping preferences and which news articles you read – as you travel around the internet. Large internet companies make …

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There’s no such thing as ‘alternative facts’. 5 ways to spot misinformation and stop sharing it online

Shutterstock Mark Pearson, Griffith University The blame for the recent assault on the US Capitol and President Donald Trump’s broader dismantling of democratic institutions and norms can be laid at least partly on misinformation and conspiracy theories. Those who spread misinformation, like Trump himself, are exploiting people’s lack of media literacy — it’s easy to spread lies to people who …

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Goldenrod honey: misinformation is causing a biological invasion of this Canadian weed

Jeffrey Hamilton/Unsplash, FAL Magdalena Lenda, Polish Academy of Sciences and Johannes M H Knops, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University Refusal of vaccines, climate change denial, the spread of coronavirus, dangerous drug use – all can be linked to the rapid spread of misinformation over the internet. Our recently published study now adds a biological invasion to the list: Canadian goldenrod, a …

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El despliegue de las redes 5G, o la geopolítica digital

Metamorworks/Shutterstock Vicente Moret Millás, IE University Conseguir conexiones a internet rápidas y fiables constituye ya un objetivo prioritario para cualquier país que quiera no perder el tren de la nueva economía digital. Esta conectividad es ya un factor de competitividad clave para la economía de los estados, al igual que lo han sido en el pasado otras infraestructuras no digitales …

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