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Remote education is rife with threats to student privacy

Students are being forced to disclose sensitive information online. urbazon/Getty Images Nir Kshetri, University of North Carolina – Greensboro An online “proctor” who can survey a student’s home and manipulate the mouse on their computer as the student takes an exam. A remote-learning platform that takes face scans and voiceprints of students. Virtual classrooms where strangers can pop up out …

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Initiatives to close the digital divide must last beyond the COVID-19 pandemic to work

Internet access at home has been linked to higher academic achievement. FG Trade / Getty Images D. Antonio Cantù, Bradley University As COVID-19 continues to force many schools to operate remotely, cities throughout the nation are stepping up to provide free internet service to public school students from families of lesser means. Washington, D.C., plans to provide free internet access …

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