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Forests go into growth ‘overdrive’ to recover from drought – new study

Tom Ovenden, Author provided Tom Ovenden, University of Stirling and Alistair Jump, University of Stirling One in 12 people could face severe drought every year by 2100, according to a recent study. And water stored on two-thirds of the Earth’s land surface will shrink as the climate warms. As plant ecologists, we’re concerned with what that means for forests – …

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Mutant roots reveal how we can grow crops in damaged soils

Lidiane Miotto/Shutterstock Malcolm Bennett, University of Nottingham; Bipin Pandey, University of Nottingham, and Sacha Mooney, University of Nottingham For years, conventional wisdom has held that roots don’t grow as deep in hard soil because it’s just too difficult for them to physically push through it. But our new research has unearthed another reason: their growth is controlled by a biological …

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