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In the face of fear and loathing, many British Muslims feel they must play hide and seek with their identity

DrimaFilm/Shutterstock Sham Qayyum, University of Hertfordshire Islamophobia is a form of prejudice that is not well understood. Instead it is often ignored and increasingly even undermined, such as through the argument that claims of Islamophobia are a threat to free speech, or hinder the prevention of crime. Terrorism is an oft-cited example, or more recently “Asian grooming gangs”. As it …

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Déviances, leadership, sanctions : trois impensés de la culture policière

Manifestation contre la “Loi Sécurité globale” à Paris le 28 novembre 2020. de 133 000 à 550 000 manifestants selon les sources. Une énorme manifestation à Paris. Jeanne Menjoulet/flickr, CC BY-NC-ND Yoann Bazin, EM Normandie – UGEI La récente vidéo du passage à tabac d’un homme noir à Paris par des policiers a relancé les débats sur les violences policières. …

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Ghana’s politics has strong ties with performing arts. This is how it started

The Tempos band were known for their political songs. JCollins-BAPMAF Archives Edmund John Collins, University of Ghana Towards the end of the Kwame Nkrumah era in 1966, a number of highlife artists wrote songs critical of him as Ghana’s president. But during the period leading up to independence in 1957 and the early years of independence, most Ghanaian popular artists …

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Has the coronavirus proved a crisis too far for Europe’s far-right outsiders?

France’s Marine Le Pen has failed to make an impact during the pandemic. EPA/Yoan Valat

Georgios Samaras, King’s College London In recent years, far-right political parties in Europe have capitalised on crises to build their support bases. Many have made it to positions of power as a result of these efforts. The financial crisis of 2008, the refugee crisis that began in 2014 and the ongoing debate around climate change have all provided opportunities to …

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