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What is a protein? A biologist explains

Just 20 amino acids for chains in various combinations to create the thousands of varieties of proteins in our body. David Goodsell/ProteinDatabase, CC BY-SA Nathan Ahlgren, Clark University Editor’s note: Nathan Ahlgren is an assistant professor of biology at Clark University. In this interview, he explains exactly what proteins are, how they are made, and the wide variety of functions …

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Coronavirus mutation – not as scary as it sounds

Shawn Hempel/Shutterstock Matt Webster, Anglia Ruskin University A new strain of the coronavirus may be responsible for the faster spread of the virus in London and south-east England, it has been announced. Unconfirmed reports suggest that coronavirus variant is called N501Y. This particular strain has been increasing in frequency since August. The idea of a mutating virus, breaking out into …

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