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Complex post-traumatic stress disorder explained

Carolina Campodonico, University of Central Lancashire Stephanie Foo, an award-winning radio producer, suffers from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, a disorder that in her country (the US) “doesn’t officially exist”. In her new book, What My Bones Know, Foo writes movingly about what it’s like to live with complex PTSD and her long journey to getting a diagnosis. Earlier this year, …

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Is belief in God a delusion?

Hassan Saleh/Unsplash, FAL Ryan McKay, Royal Holloway and Robert Ross, Macquarie University As the pandemic raged in April, churchgoers in Ohio defied warnings not to congregate. Some argued that their religion conferred them immunity from COVID-19. In one memorable CNN clip, a woman insisted she would not catch the virus because she was “covered in Jesus’ blood”. Some weeks later, …

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