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20 years of ‘forever’ wars have left a toll on US veterans returning to the question: ‘Did you kill?’

Every soldier has a different story. Yuri Cortez/AFP via Getty Images Marian Eide, Texas A&M University Military service members returning from America’s “forever” wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have often faced deeply personal questions about their experience. As one veteran explained to me: “I’ve been asked, ‘Have you ever killed anyone in war? Are you messed up at all?’” “I …

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COVID stress syndrome: 5 ways the pandemic is affecting mental health

The network of interconnected mental health symptoms associated with COVID-19 is best understood as a multi-faceted syndrome. (Pixabay/Canva) Gordon J. G. Asmundson, University of Regina In addition to its staggering impact on physical well-being and mortality, COVID-19 is also taking an unprecedented toll on our mental health. Numerous recent studies have shown global increases in the prevalence and severity of …

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