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African tropical mountain forests store far more carbon than previously thought – new research

Mountain forests are significant carbon stores. Heibe/Pixabay Aida Cuní Sanchez, University of York; Martin Sullivan, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Phil Platts, University of York Tropical forests are well known for being the “lungs” of our planet. Through photosynthesis, the trees in these forests produce oxygen and remove enormous amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate global warming. …

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To save wild chimpanzees, imagine their habitat is an electrical circuit

Marcel Derweduwen/Shutterstock Noemie Bonnin, Liverpool John Moores University; Alexander Piel, UCL, and Fiona Stewart, Liverpool John Moores University The chimpanzee is our closest living relative, and it could be facing extinction. There were one million chimpanzees in 1900, but today, 300,000 at most are thought to remain in the wild. Prime African rainforest habitat is being broken up by loggers …

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