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New USB-C charger rule shows how EU regulators make decisions for the world

New EU rules will establish a common charger for all devices. Shutterstock Renaud Foucart, Lancaster University Have you ever borrowed a friend’s charger only to find it is not compatible with your phone? Or wondered what to do with the pile of cables you’ve accumulated from every device you’ve ever bought? Such inconveniences will soon be history after the EU …

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AI could constantly scan the internet for data privacy violations, a quicker, easier way to enforce compliance

You leave bits of your personal data behind online, and companies are happy to trade in them. metamorworks/ iStock/Getty Images Plus Karuna Pande Joshi, University of Maryland, Baltimore County You’re trailing bits of personal data – such as credit card numbers, shopping preferences and which news articles you read – as you travel around the internet. Large internet companies make …

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