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Financial professions must pivot to stave off technological extinction

The accounting profession and others in the financial services industry are at risk of extinction due to technological advances. (Adeolu Eletu/Unsplash) Erica Pimentel, Concordia University Blockchain technology threatens to upend the financial sector. While this presents an opportunity to reduce costs for businesses and consumers alike, it may also make some professions, like accounting, obsolete. What can financial professionals do …

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Four energy-saving lessons from the first lockdown which may help us through the winter

Lockdown disrupted our daily routines – and lowered their carbon footprint. Sipeta / shutterstock Philipp Grünewald, University of Oxford The gold standard of research in science is the randomised controlled trial. The COVID-19 restrictions may at times seem random and most certainly feel like a trial. But are they controlled enough to learn from? For scientists like me who are interested …

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