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Deaths from landmines are on the rise – and clearing them all will take decades

Sam Clarke, University of Sheffield Nearly quarter of a century after most of the world signed a convention outlawing the use of antipersonnel landmines, the number of people being killed or maimed by these insidious and lethal weapons remains high – and rising. The Landmine Monitor for 2021, released on November 10, reported 7,073 casualties in 2020, including 2,492 people …

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Myanmar: could defecting security forces bring down the military regime?

Natasha Lindstaedt, University of Essex Just over ten years ago there were hopes that Myanmar might become a fully functioning democracy. Today there are concerns that the country may disintegrate into civil war. The widespread opposition to the military’s brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters also includes possibly as many as three-quarters of the soldiers in Myanmar’s army, according to an …

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Biden and the Iran nuclear deal: what to expect from the negotiations

Regional powerplay: the nuclear deal has complex implications for the regin. Dilok Klaisataporn via Shutterstock Ali Bilgic, Loughborough University As Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, speculation was rife that one of the first things his administration would do would be to seek re-entry to the Iran nuclear deal that had been quit …

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