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Scandal involving World Bank’s ‘Doing Business’ index exposes problems in using sportslike rankings to guide development goals

The World Bank’s ease of doing business index incentives countries to do whatever they can to improve their ranking. Jongho Shin/iStock via Getty Images Fernanda G Nicola, American University The World Bank, a behemoth of an organization that provides tens of billions of dollars in aid to mostly developing countries, is in the middle of one of its biggest scandals …

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Israel-Palestine conflict: why Gulf leaders are staying quiet – for now

Simon Mabon, Lancaster University It’s generally reckoned to be one of Donald Trump’s few major foreign policy achievements. On August 13 2020, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel signed a historic agreement normalising relations between the two states, and in the weeks that followed, other Arab states followed Abu Dhabi’s lead in what became known as the Abraham Accords. …

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Generation Z: when it comes to behaviour, not all digital natives look alike

Rawpixel.com via Shutterstock Elodie Gentina, IÉSEG School of Management and Emma Parry, Cranfield University Gradually over the past few years, the once-ubiquitous discussions about millennials are being replaced by an interest in the new kids on the block: generation Z – or, to give them a recently assigned alias – “Zoomers”. According to most reckonings, to be genZ means you …

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Israel election: why is Palestine no longer an important campaign issue?

Peter Malcontent, Utrecht University Israeli voters are about to head to the polls for the fourth time in two years. And, once again, the issue of Palestine has been almost completely absent from debate during the campaign. Once upon a time this would have been unimaginable. In 1992, Yizhak Rabin’s Labor Party won because of his willingness to strike a …

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ثلاث رحلاتٍ جريئة تنطلق نحو الكوكب الأحمر

الولايات المتحدة، والصين، والإمارات العربية المتحدة يطلقون رحلات استكشافية رائدة إلى كوكب المريخ، المعروف بخطورته على البعثات الفضائية. ألكساندرا ويتزي، وسمريتي مالاباتي، وإليزابيث جيبني Nature (2020) doi:10.1038/d41586-020-01861-0 English article   المركبة الجوالة الأمريكية “بيرسيفيرانس” سوف تهبط في “فوّهة جيزيرو” على كوكب المريخ (محددة بدائرة صفراء).  Emily Lakdawalla/ISRO/ISSDC شهد العالم خلال شهر يوليو الماضي انطلاق ثلاث مركبات فضائية صاروخية صوبَ المريخ. إذ …

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Bahrain v Israel: how sport could help cement peace accords in the Middle East

Sporting events and initiatives could help strengthen ties between the Gulf states and Israel. EFKS/Shutterstock

Sporting events and initiatives could help strengthen ties between the Gulf states and Israel. EFKS/Shutterstock Hussa Khalid, Loughborough University Back in 2016, I was excited for the Bahrain Women’s National team to compete in the Aphrodite Cup, an international football tournament held in Cyprus. Bahrain’s team, of which I was in charge, had previously participated in an earlier edition of …

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University rankings don’t measure what matters


GettyImages Sioux McKenna, Rhodes University International rankings of universities are big business and big news. These systems order universities on the basis of a variety of criteria such as student to staff ratio, income from industry, and reputation as captured through public surveys. Universities around the world use their rankings as marketing material and parents and prospective students make life …

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Is it too soon to herald the ‘dawn of a new Middle East’? It all depends what the Saudis do next JIM LO SCALZO/EPA Ben Rich, Curtin University US President Donald Trump heralded nothing short of “the dawn of a new Middle East” as the leaders of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signed agreements normalising ties with Israel during …

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