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Afghanistan whistleblower’s account of evacuation was right – trying to get my colleagues out was chaos

Evacuees from Kabul on their way to Poland via Uzbekistan. Marcin Obara / EPA-EFE Brad K. Blitz, UCL The testimony of a whistleblower about the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan describes an ill-equipped, chaotic evacuation. Raphael Marshall, a former Foreign Office diplomat, suggested that out of an estimated 75,000-150,000 people who applied for evacuation under the Leave Outside the Rules scheme, …

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How the arms trade is used to secure access to oil


shutterstock.com Vincenzo Bove, University of Warwick UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia increased by 175% in the first nine months of 2017 according to an investigation by the Campaign Against Arms Trade. Similarly, France and the US are major exporters of arms to the oil-rich Gulf state – in 2017 alone, they were worth around US$2.6 billion. Selling weapons is …

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