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Race commission report: the rights and wrongs

melitas/Shutterstock Raminder Kaur, University of Sussex and Gill Margaret Hague, University of Bristol Confusion and outrage greeted the UK government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report. As opponents grapple with some of the more alarming findings, such as its assertion that there is little evidence of institutional racism in the UK, critiques and questions about the validity of its …

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In the face of fear and loathing, many British Muslims feel they must play hide and seek with their identity

DrimaFilm/Shutterstock Sham Qayyum, University of Hertfordshire Islamophobia is a form of prejudice that is not well understood. Instead it is often ignored and increasingly even undermined, such as through the argument that claims of Islamophobia are a threat to free speech, or hinder the prevention of crime. Terrorism is an oft-cited example, or more recently “Asian grooming gangs”. As it …

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