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Nationality and Borders Act becomes law: five key changes explained

Alex Balch, University of Liverpool At almost the last minute before the parliamentary session ended, after months of pushback from the House of Lords and despite vehement protests from those supporting refugees and migrants, the UK government has succeed in introducing the Nationality and Borders Act. These are the five significant changes that will dramatically alter asylum and citizenship rules …

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Brexit fish wars: history explains why France and the UK get so angry about access to the seas

A scene from the First Anglo-Dutch War, from British Battles on Land and Sea, by James Grant. falkensteinfoto/Alamy Richard Blakemore, University of Reading A dispute between Britain and France about fishing territories has escalated rapidly. French authorities detained a British trawler on Thursday, October 28, and Britain promptly summoned the French ambassador for talks. The wider issue here is the …

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Why some people switch political parties: new research

Paul Webb, University of Sussex and Tim Bale, Queen Mary University of London Why do some people switch political parties? After all, if someone is committed enough to a particular vision of politics, wouldn’t they be relatively immune to the charms of its competitors? It turns out, however, that switching parties at grassroots membership level is by no means uncommon, …

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