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The Tonga volcanic eruption has revealed the vulnerabilities in our global telecommunication system

Dale Dominey-Howes, University of Sydney In the wake of a violent volcanic eruption in Tonga, much of the communication with residents on the islands remains at a standstill. In our modern, highly-connected world, more than 95% of global data transfer occurs along fibre-optic cables that criss-cross through the world’s oceans. Breakage or interruption to this critical infrastructure can have catastrophic …

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Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next

Shane Cronin, University of Auckland The Kingdom of Tonga doesn’t often attract global attention, but a violent eruption of an underwater volcano on January 15 has spread shock waves, quite literally, around half the world. The volcano is usually not much to look at. It consists of two small uninhabited islands, Hunga-Ha’apai and Hunga-Tonga, poking about 100m above sea level …

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