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Five of the most exciting telescope pictures of the universe

Hubble: NASA, ESA, and Q.D. Wang (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Spitzer: NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and S. Stolovy (Spitzer Science Center/Caltech) Carole Haswell, The Open University The forthcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope offers unprecedented new opportunities for astronomers. It’s also a timely opportunity to reflect on what previous generations of telescopes have shown us. Astronomers rarely use …

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The surface of Venus is cracked and moves like ice floating on the ocean – likely due to tectonic activity

New research suggests that Venus’ crust is broken into large blocks – the dark reddish–purple areas – that are surrounded by belts of tectonic structures shown in lighter yellow–red. Paul K. Byrne/NASA/USGS, CC BY-ND Paul K. Byrne, North Carolina State University The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea Much of the brittle, upper …

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