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Aerial images detect and track food security threats for millions of African farmers

An early warning system detects and prevents diseases in banana, a key food security crop in Africa. It relies on machine learning and imagery collected by mobile phones, drones and satellites INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR TROPICAL AGRICULTURE (CIAT) IMAGE: A GROUND-LEVEL VIEW OF A BANANA PLANT AFFECTED BY XANTHOMONAS WILT OR (BXW). view more  CREDIT: MICHAEL SELVARAJ / INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR TROPICAL AGRICULTURE New …

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Literary prizes and the problem with the UK publishing industry

Pexels Jamie Harris, Aberystwyth University This year’s Booker prize shortlist offers the most diverse lineup ever with four female and two male writers, four of who are people of colour. But while the diversity of the 2020 shortlist for the best original novel is to be commended, the majority of the publishers of Booker-winning novels are still based in London. …

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How to support white British trainee teachers in their thinking and teaching about black British histories

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Marlon Moncrieffe, University of Brighton Black British history plays a significant role in the formation of British cultural identity and the history of the UK, and ought to be taught as such in UK schools. But evidence from my research on primary school teaching and learning about history and national identity shows that white British teachers – …

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